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5 Amazing Things To Do With Leftover White Wine

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What do you do with leftover wine? Leftover wine can become a useful ingredient in a variety of home-made solutions. You can use it in preparing special meals or even take a bath in some of it to soften your skin. Well-blended quality wine contains several ingredients that can be useful in several ways on a day-to-day life besides the merry-making.

There are various uses of leftover wine, which are unknown to many people who end up draining the sweet drink down the sink. The following are five ways in which leftover wine can be beneficial when the party comes to a stop.

Make Ice Cubes From White Wine

Ice cubes are an excellent and easy way to make use of leftover white wine. It is also easy to prepare. You can use ice cube trays or even muffin tins to freeze the leftover wine. Although the alcohol content in the wine will not allow the cubes to get extremely hard, they will still be robust enough. You can then transfer them to a container for storage in the freezer.

Most people prefer their wine cooled down to just the right temperatures as opposed to adding ice cubes as they partake of it. It is a good way of consuming wine since adding ice cubes may significantly alter the taste and the aroma of the wine. Using the leftover wine to make the ice cubes will help in cooling down your wine without changing the taste.

The good thing with white wine is that its preparation with different ingredients is simple. You can spice it with a fruit of your choice, like watermelon, pineapple chips and even some mango chops.

Use it to Make vinegar

Leftover white wine can make you an extra bottle of vinegar. But you need some vinegar to start, and a new container where you will store your mixture. Mix your fresh liquid starter-vinegar, water, and the leftover white wine into a container. Cover the container with a paper towel or a cheesecloth and make it airtight. Store this mixer at room temperature, preferably a distance from open wine bottles. This will ensure that vinegar bacteria doesn’t get into your open wine bottles. The process may take about a week. Stir once daily. You can also keep adding leftover wine since some vinegar will evaporate with time. If you happen to have a bottle of leftover Totts Champagne, you can make a champagne vinegar with it. Follow the same procedure for champagne vinegar as well.

Add Some Wine to Your Kitchen Garden

This one sounds awkward. But your plants could benefit from leftover wine. Make them happy. Add some wine to your composite manure to allow the quick growth of important microorganisms. This will keep your soil fertile and help your plants to grow healthier and fast.

The wine consists of nitrogen that may aid the decomposition. By activating the bacteria found within the mixture, the process is made faster, allowing your plants to benefit from various nutrients. It is essential to keep the moisture under control by adding wine. You can repeat this process a couple of times a week.

Use Wine To Roast Meat

Roast meat is a popular delicacy, especially when shared with friends and family. It gets better when a drink is in place. Some leftover wine can as well make the occasion tastier when used to roast the meat.

What you need to do is add your leftover white wine to some flour, pan dripping, and whatever broth is available to make a creamy and delicious sauce. Use it to prepare roast pork or even tasty mutton and beef roasts.

White wine is particularly good when introduced into a meal of chicken roast. One common recipe is “drunken chicken.” It is primarily a roasted chicken spiced up with either red or white wine.

Use Leftover Wine To Spice Up Tomato Sauce

White is useful in a long list of ingredients. It could be just what you need to spice up your homemade marinara and give it the richness that will make Italian night tastier. Once you have your sauce ready, add in just some little wine to flavor the taste. The end product is something delicious, and your guests will definitely love it.

Leftover wine doesn’t need to go down the drain. Its uses around the home are a lot more beyond the entertainment function. You can even use it to scrub stained surfaces and remove stains from clothes. The idea is to get the right recipe and procedure, and you will enjoy it. Mentioned above are some of the ways that you can make leftover wines useful.