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7 Must-Have Sides at Thanksgiving

7 Must-Have Sides at Thanksgiving

Planning out your meals can be a vital move in promoting stress-free holidays. With Thanksgiving on the horizon, we offer a list of seven must-have sides at Thanksgiving to alleviate some planning pains.

Mashed Potatoes

These are a traditional Thanksgiving side—and with good reason. They accompany turkey and gravy significantly well, in addition to making a delightful pairing with Sauvignon Blanc. Mashed potatoes are prime comfort food and are bound to make their way onto nearly every plate at your table.

Holiday Stuffing

Stuffing is a dish that embodies many typical fall flavors, serving as one of the most common Thanksgiving fixings. You can whip it up a variety of ways, including a style that fuses store-bought packets and fresh ingredients, each serving as a satisfying complement to the rest of your meal.

Green Bean Casserole

As timeless as it is popular, the green bean casserole is a creamy and crispy addition to your Thanksgiving dinner. Whether you use a recipe that’s seen multiple generations or an updated version you found online, your guests will inevitably be back for seconds.

Sweet Potato Fries

Though they’re not the most typical form of sweet potatoes at a Thanksgiving dinner, a serving of sweet potato fries is sure to go over well with just about everyone—and it’ll offer less of a mess from the kids’ table. Present the fries with an assortment of dipping sauces, from a sriracha aioli to classic ketchup. They are easy to bake and a considerably healthy alternative to any deep-fried sides.


If you are looking for a side to sop up any additional gravy, look no further than biscuits. Biscuits serve as a great palette cleanser, and you have the option of making them from scratch or picking up store-bought. Another benefit of the biscuit is that you can season them to your liking or leave them plain. Either way, they’re guaranteed to be a crowd favorite!

Macaroni & Cheese

Macaroni and cheese may veer from the more traditional sides, but it is a reliable dish, nonetheless. Its presence at the table will put picky eaters at ease. Because of its familiarity, you can make tasty mac and cheese without a rigorous recipe.

Cranberry Sauce

Topping off our list of seven must-have sides at Thanksgiving is cranberry sauce. Cranberry sauce adds a pop of both color and flavor to your table. It is an easy and popular complement to the meal that is sure to win your guests over.

This year has brought on many uncertainties. The familiarity of the holidays brings a sense of solace this fall and winter, as it is a time for rejoicing—though, perhaps, digitally—and being grateful for all that this year has provided despite changes. We hope these dishes bring you and your loved ones comfort and joy this November.

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