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Raising backyard ducks is a great way to supply your family with farm fresh eggs, and their quirky antics and personalities make ducks a fun addition to your backyard flock. Raising ducklings is a little different that chicks, this is everything I learned when raising my first duck flock.

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I have a confession to make… I love flowers but have no patience for fussy or high maintenance gardens. I need plants that will thrive under neglect, adapt to hot dry locations, and most importantly provide me with pretty blossoms that I can fill vases with and scatter around the house. These 5 old fashioned …

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Peonies are an old fashioned flower with an unforgettable fragrance. They require a little patience to establish, but your patience will be rewarded with fragrant blooms for years! You know I love my fragrant spring flowers, especially lilcas, but I never fully appreciated the Peonies until my husband and I bought our house and there …

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