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How To Make Your Busy Schedule Less Stressful

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In today’s world, being busy has become the norm for most people. This is especially true for moms who are tasked with handling their everyday schedules in addition to everyone else’s schedule in the family. Although, being busy often causes stress if not handled properly. Finding time and loopholes in your day for how to make your busy schedule less stressful is the key to living a happy and balanced life.  

Build Quick Stress Relievers Into Your Schedule 

When you’re busy running errands or racing home from work for your teen’s football practice, you don’t always have time to turn it all off and destress. It is important to find quick and easy destressing methods you can use on the go. For example, you can use your driving time as destressing time or use a breathing app to clear your mind for a few minutes and recharge for the next commitment of the day. 

Planning, Planning, Planning 

Having a set plan can make a big difference in your day. Try using a family calendar or whiteboard system to outline what everyone’s day is going to look like. This way, no activity or appointment gets forgotten about last minute and everyone in the family can have a better understanding of what other family members have on their plate as well.  

Enough Is Enough 

Not knowing when to say no will only make you more stressed while dealing with an overflowing amount of commitments. Sometimes, even if we don’t want to or feel bad doing so, saying no is necessary to manage stress and alleviate some of the hustle and bustle in our days.  

Don’t Skimp on Sleep 

It may be tempting to stay up for a few more hours for some quiet time or to get more work done, but this perpetuates a never-ending cycle of poor sleeping habits. Getting a good night’s sleep is one of the most important ways to make your busy schedule less stressful. Sure, getting more things done and out of the way the night before sounds like it will take away some future stress—but if you’re lacking necessary hours of sleep, you’ll end up feeling sluggish and stressed all over again the next day.  

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