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Join Our Upstate New York Backyard Flock Keeping Facebook Group

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Have you ever wished you could peek into another chicken keeper’s coop? Or share a fabulous idea that you wished someone would’ve shared with you when you were just starting out raising chickens and ducks? Wouldn’t it be great if you could turn to other chicken keepers in real time and ask them about their ideas or opinions on issues specific to raising chickens, ducks and other fowl in Upstate New York? Well, now you can!

Check out our “Upstate New York Backyard Chicken & Fowl Keepers” Facebook group. It’s a place just for you, so you can share ideas, ask for help, and make connections with your neighbors across the Finger Lakes Region. I will occasionally chime in too, but this is primarily a place for chicken keepers to connect, and find help & resources.

To join, just click here, or log on to Facebook and search “Upstate New York Backyard Chicken & Fowl Keepers” in Groups. All you have to do is answer a few short questions. We hope you’ll have some amazing conversations there!

I’m looking forward to seeing you inside the group!

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