My First Stitch Fix! A Honest Review

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Have you heard of Stitch Fix?

Honestly, I would be really surprised if you haven’t. Bloggers and YouTubers seem to love the service, it is heavily advertised, and so many times I have complimented friends on their clothes and got the reply “thanks, I got it from Stitch Fix”

So when it became painfully clear my wardrobe was in desperate need of updating, I decided to give the styling service a trial run. I also decided to document the experience here, because why not share the awkwardness that is me trying on clothes on the internet?

What is Stitch Fix and How Does it Work?

Stitch Fix is an online styling service for women. When you sign up, you fill out a detailed style analysis. You get to pick and choose which styles best fit you, your sizes and measurements, what types of items you want to get, and you can even leave notes about your specific body shape, concerns, and or best features (something I really appreciate, because I have broad shoulders and my stylist has been awesome about choosing items that downplay this area for me).

Your Stitch Fix box will include 5 items. You will have three business days to try everything on and decide what you want to keep/send back.

How much does Stitch Fix Cost?

When you choose a shipment date to have a Stitch Fix box sent to you, you pay $20 up front, This $20 is a styling fee. The box then comes with free shipping both ways – so whatever you don’t keep is also free shipping back to them.

If you don’t keep any of the 5 items, then you lose the $20 styling fee (as this covers the stylist’s time picking out the outfits, which I think is reasonable). I have heard that if your fix is absolutely terrible and you hated everything in it, you can try emailing them, they may send you a new fix if you ask nicely! I can’t make any promises this will work for you, but it’s worth a try.

If you DO keep even one item, then that $20 styling fee goes towards your item(s)! So at the bare minimum, I want to keep one item, but I am always hoping all 5 items are keepers!

IF you keep ALL five items, you get 25% off everything! When I provide feedback my goal is always to do it in a way that will set me up to get future fixes that I will want to keep all five items because that’s awesome! But don’t feel disappointed if that’s not the case. I read somewhere that Stitch Fix views keeping 2-3 items a successful box, so that’s pretty normal.

As for the items you are going to be paying “boutique” prices, it’s not cheap. If you are used to shopping the sale racks at Target or Old Navy this may require a little bit of adjustment for you, I know it did for me! I have selected the “Cheaper the Better” price guidelines for my stylist, and so far my pieces have ranged from $34 for a top, and $98 for a pair of boots. I expect to pay around $55 a piece.

My First Stitch Fix

I had some pretty high hopes for my first fix. In hindsight, I should have been more realistic, since my stylist and I were in the “getting to know you phase” of my Stitch Fix experience. Instead of being disappointed that all 5 items were not keepers, I should have been thrilled that she knocked it out of the park with 1 item.

Do you want to take a peak in my first box? I didn’t take photos, although if you really want to see the items on, check out the video above, I did take some screenshots of the items during the checkout process.

I asked for ankle boots, and my stylist delivered, although they were slightly more than I would have picked out for myself, I love these boots and wear them A LOT. They make up for all the other misses in my fix. Verdict: KEEP

The Pixley Cardigan was SO SOFT and cozy, and I loved the color, but the cut was horrible for me, and it was just a tad too large and looked sloppy. I debated of exchanging it, but in the end, the weave of the cardigan was a softer looser weave, and I worried about it snagging. The price also seemed a tad high. I am hopeful they try a cardigan again. Verdict: Sent back.

I sent these jeans back and regretted it, they were too distressed for me but would have been perfect for my teen daughter. They fit well, and I liked the ankle raw hem, but this pair wasn’t for me. Verdict: Sent back.

  Another “So close but not quite piece”. I didn’t love this top. At $54 I am going to need to love it. Verdict: Sent back.

I don’t even know where to begin with this blouse. I like the idea of the open top because it isn’t a style I wear often, and I am all for letting my stylist do her thing and style me. But the color wasn’t flattering on me. AT ALL. Verdict: Sent back.


The Bottom Line

This fix was SO CLOSE it made the misses all the more frustrating. My stylist definitely had my style down, but the pieces just didn’t suit me.  I left detailed feedback for my stylist on every piece. She seemed to really be receptive to my initial input, so chances are with this feedback future orders will be even better! I will keep you posted!

Want to give it a try? If you found this review helpful, I would love for you to use my referral code! Once you sign up for a Stitch Fix account through this link, if and when you decide to schedule a fix you will get a $25 credit towards your styling fee, and I’ll receive a credit when your order ships, at no additional cost to you!  If you’re intrigued but not yet convinced, you can still sign up for an account, complete a style profile, and explore the site a bit without actually scheduling a fix. If you have any specific questions about the process, leave a comment and I’d be happy to give you my honest take on it!

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