The Bridesmaid dress that will not zip



That is right, I have a bridesmaid dress I am supposed to wear in one month that I can not zip. I am not exaggerating, I put the dress on and regardless of how I suck it in, raise my arms, close my eyes and wish really hard that sucker just will not zip! Even the briefest glance at my recipe collection would probably offer a pretty good indication of where my problem lies, I love food, especially sweets, and if it is not sweet the carbier the better. I know the simple solution is to have the dress taken out, but the fact is I am not happy with this extra weight I am caring around, all winter I have felt sluggish and have hidden under big cozy sweaters. The dress not zipping was the kick in my now bigger butt I needed to pull myself together. I am not usually into dieting, but think to get this dress to zip I am going to have to pull out the big guns, yup both dieting and exercising. I went over to Livestrong to figure out how many calories I should be consuming to lose 1.5 lbs. a week.  I also dusted off my treadmill and made a playlist to keep me motivated. Pitbull was recommended by a friend, the songs I picked all have about 127-129 beats per minute (BPM) which works out to be a 12 minute mile. I am kind of out of shape so I am not sure how I feel abut a 12 minute mile, I will let you know later. But I am pretty excited at the possibility of doing two miles in 24 minutes.

I am going to add this widget to my blog, I am hoping it will motivate me, and will keep you posted in the state of my unzipperedness.

Try the LIVESTRONG.COM calorie calculator to start your weight loss journey.

Rebecca, if you are reading this I promise my dress will be fully zipped at your wedding!


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