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Thoughts on Powersheets after 1 Month

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Each month, I’ll give you an update on my progress with Powersheets from the previous month – what went well and what I learned – and I’ll share my goals for the month ahead. 

January was all about slow but steady progress. I had a hard time checking in on my tending list, I’ve found it really just needs to be in my daily planner where I will see it everyday.

My January Goals

January was all about creating a fresh start in my home, setting some intentions with Home in the Finger Lakes, and getting organizational systems in place for my most challenging areas of life.

  • Fresh Start Declutter mulitple areas of my home.
  • Create a Mom command center.
  • Set a new pace & goals for Home in the Finger Lakes
  • Begin the couch to 5k Program

What went well

I actually decluttered, and a lot! Inspired by both the small steps I set for myself and the new Netflix Series Tidying Up, I made multiple trips to goodwill and the clothing donation shed. It has been amazing.

Also, insprired by Progress, not Perfection, I moved an antique desk that the previous house owners left into the living room to create a “Mom Command Center”.

I have to say, visually I am still not sure about the placement of the desk in the corner of the living room.

Functionally though, I kind of love it!

Of everything I’ve accomplished this January this weird little antique desk, might be my favorite. I now have a place for my papers, planners and notes. More than once my kids and husband have also used the desk for homework and working from home. I may keep an eye out for desk that doesn’t feel as heavy in the room, but for right now this desk has organized my mom life SO MUCH, and that is definetly progress!

With my new “command center” in place it was so much easier to set some intentions for Home in the Finger Lakes. I created a content calendar for the next 3 month, and begun some behind the scenes optimizations to make my site more user-friendly, and changed the look and feel of my site.

What I learned

While my decluttering and organization goals kicked off with a bang, my goal to run a 5k this year started off with a whimper. In hindsight, it just really wasn’t a priority for me this month. I was really in the mind space to declutter and did like it was my job. I don’t really feel bad about either, but it is still a goal I would like to accomplish this year, so I think in February I will be breaking down my action steps into even smaller baby steps.

Thoughts on Powersheets after 1 month

First of all, I LOVE setting goals, and tend to lean towards quarterly goals vs yearly goals. Because Powersheets are broken down into monthly and seasonal sections I think Powersheets will work well for both kinds of goal setting.

This year my goals are personal and business related, PowerSheets seem to be working regardless what kind of goals I set, I think they are perfect for – bloggers, business owners, moms, students, and literally anyone else who wants to cultivate goals that matter.

The tending page is perforated for a reason. I didn’t pull my tending page out until later in the month, and as a result failed to keep up with it.

The PowerSheets are so pretty with so many features, but they’re not overly complicated. They have just what you need to cultivate what matters!

How are your 2019 goals coming along?