Wordless Wednesday: Discing


I have decided because I don’t get off the farm much anymore to share a little of what goes on around here when I am neglecting my blog for Wordless Wednesday.
I have to admit I have very little involvement in the planting of crops. This time of the year I watch the herd and monitor the calves so my husband can focus on getting crops in the ground, it is a system that works very well for us, and I really enjoy the cattle, when they are not giving me the stink eye.

But when we want to spend some time together, or need to talk about our plans for the week, or what is going on with a calf it sometimes has to happen in the cab of a tractor. Nope,  Big Green Tractor is not just a catchy country song,  during planting season time together in a tractor is actually considered a legitimate date  😉

So, here are some pictures for you for Wordless Wednesday from my ride along while the hubs was discing. You will have to excuse the quality, it was a pretty bumpy ride!

View from the tractor cab while discing
View from the tractor cab while discing

Discing the field - Home in the Finger Lakes

The disc harrow or just disc, is used after the field has been plowed. The disc’s job is  to cut and break up the large lumps and clods of soil that has been turned by the plow, and chop up unwanted weeds or crop remainders .

Soybeans went in this particular field last year, so field corn will be going in this year. Fox in a field in Upstate New York

I think we disrupted this guy’s hunt for field mice,  he doesn’t look to pleased to be flushed out of the field.
Some pretty daisies in the hedgerow, I had to take a quick picture of them .

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