Baking mixes and seasoning blends are great ways to save money. They can also be a lot of fun to make!

Homemade mixes and seasonings usually taste better, are healthier for you and cost less than store bought versions.You can make your own unique blends and seasoning based on your own tastes, preferences and dietary needs.

Making homemade baking mixes and seasoning blends is a great place to begin if you want to live a more from scratch lifestyle. I recommend taking inventory of your pantry first. Discard and replace spices or ingredients that are past their prime.

You can check out my list of pantry staples that I like to keep on hand to help me whip up homemade foods. They’re basic, versatile ingredients that are used frequently, are usually fairly inexpensive, and have a long shelf life . Your personal pantry staple favorites will take shape as you begin to cook regularly and develop your own from scratch recipe repertoire.

Good pantry management is also very important, so don’t forget to check out my tips on how to stock and organize, a pantry, along with the best storage containers that will help you save money, reduce food waste, and cook from scratch more!