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I’m glad so you’re here, and I hope as you spend time poking around that you will be encouraged and inspired to live well, have fun and enjoy life in Upstate New York.

A little about me…

Hi! I’m Jennifer – a work at home, farmer’s wife, mom to 3, living life in Upstate New York! I love sharing tasty recipes, easy do it yourself projects, and little stories of life on a farm in the Finger Lakes.

I live in Ontario County on a small family farm with my husband and 3 teenage kids. I love reading, jogging, sewing, and cheering my kids on during their sporting events.


Q: Where do you get recipe ideas from? Are all of the recipes on this site yours?

I get inspiration in a lot of different places. I love to re-create Upstate New York’s signature dishes in my own kitchen, and often look for authentic recipes from restaurants. I source many of my recipes from local cookbooks, online forums, and old newspaper clippings. I make a conscious effort to always include credit where credit is due.

Q: I am Interested in Touring The Willard Asylum, Do you have any Information ?

First, I would like to point out I have no affiliation with the Willard Tour, or it’s organizers, nor am I a spokesperson for the event. 2015 was the seventh and final year of the Willard tour, normally a couple hundred people show up for the tour, but word spread on social media and organizers estimated more than 2,500 people tried to gain admittance. Crowds completely overwhelmed the fundraiser and chaos ensued, the roads to Willard had to be shut down by state troopers, and the tour was canceled. The organizers did their best to accommodate as many people as they could, but simply were not prepared.

No plans for future tours have been announced, it is unclear if they will ever be offered again.

Q: Can you tell me the nutritional information for your recipes?

As far as nutritional information goes, I try to supply that when appropriate. While I do care about healthy recipes, Home in the Finger Lakes focuses primarily comfort foods, and is not a nutrition blog. I have found that including the nutritional information on indulgent treats, not only takes up a great deal of time on my end, but it also leads to a lot of angry emails about salt, fat, or sugar content.

Q: What is your policy on working with brands?

I love collaborating with great brands and products and sharing them with our audience. Just shoot us an email at

Q: What is your policy on working with local businesses, groups, and events ?

I am incredibly supportive of local ventures and events. If you represent a business, travel destination, adventure or cultural experience, musical act, festival or community event and are looking for press or media coverage, please email me

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.