I am happy to be able to offer farm-fresh, pasture-raised, hand-gathered eggs to local customers from my flock.

At our family farm, hens are treated like loved pets. They spend their day free-ranging, dust bathing, lounging in the sun, chasing after bugs, digging up worms, and enjoying a bountiful pasture full of untreated grasses.

The flock’s diet is supplemented with a balanced nutritious feed full of whole grains and beneficial ingredients, including our own protein-rich farm-grown alfalfa and corn that we crack and grind ourselves. The chickens are fed mealworms for extra protein and vegetable scraps and clippings directly from our fields. They are offered fresh drinking water enhanced with probiotics and apple cider vinegar.

Our hens lay their eggs in nest boxes lined with turf nest box liners that are easy to clean and protect the eggs from cracks and breaks. Clean and fresh nesting boxes equal clean eggs! I hand collect eggs multiple times a day to ensure freshness and quality.

I wash only eggs if they are soiled (using just lukewarm water). Because I don’t differentiate between eggs that have been washed and those that haven’t, I refrigerate all of our eggs once they’ve been packaged. Once eggs have been refrigerated, they need to continue to be stored that way.

Eggs should always be stored “upside-down,” with the pointy end of the egg on the bottom. The round, fat end should be at the top. This is because there is an air bubble at the round end and keeping it at the top will keep the egg fresh longer.

FARM PICK-UP: Contact us to reserve your eggs and schedule a pick-up date. We accept payment in cash, Venmo, or PayPal. 


  • By the dozen – $3
  • By the half-dozen – $1.50
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