Simple Country Living in the heart of the Finger Lakes

Celebrate the beauty and tranquility of rural living, embracing a lifestyle rooted in simplicity and enriched by the land. I created Home in the Finger Lakes to inspire you to slow down and enjoy the simple things, wherever you may be.

Backyard Flock

Explore tips, care guides, and valuable resources tailored to the management of backyard poultry.


Cultivate your garden and reap the rewards of fresh produce & flowers, sown and nurtured by your own hands.


Rediscover the art of home style cooking, creating meals that are both nourishing and delicious.


Tips and strategies for mastering farmers markets, creating irresistible roadside stands, innovative marketing techniques, and effective planning.

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Jennifer Morrisey

John and Jennifer picking sweet corn

Welcome! I’m Jennifer!

Welcome to my blog, where I celebrate the art of slow living and the simple joys of country life. From our 275-acre farm in Ontario County, I like to share stories and the simple joys of country living with you.

Join me as I explore home-cooked meals and regional recipes, the rewarding process of raising small livestock, and the timeless tradition of canning and preserving our bountiful garden harvest.

I hope by sharing peeks into our daily life can inspire you to enjoy the little things more, slow down, and appreciate what matters.

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Backyard Flock

Embark on a transformative journey into self-reliance and sustainability, creating a life that’s in harmony with nature.

Taste of home

New York Style Baked Beans

inspired by Grandma Brown’s

The story of Grandma Brown’s Baked Beans, and a recipe for homemade baked beans. Inspired by Grandma Browns, these beans are baked low and slow to a point of tenderness and creamy consistency.


Advice, tips, and creative gardening ideas, along with step-by-step guides to help you cultivate a beautiful and productive garden.

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Stocking a Pantry Planner

This carefully curated guide is your first step towards embracing the joy of homemade meals. Download our free pantry guide today and take the first step in your cooking from scratch journey!

Homestyle Recipes

Dishes that capture the heart and soul of this of Upstate. From classic comfort foods to restaurant recipes, you’ll find a taste of home here.

Starting a Backyard Flock This Spring?


Heartfelt stories, musings on life’s complexities, and insights gained from everyday experiences.