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Cranky cow? Tips to stay safe

When you think of “when animals attack” what is the first animal that pops into your mind? Shark? Bear? maybe dogs? Yesterday I had an unfortunate run in with a cranky momma cow. I never take being around livestock lightly, but I was seriously unprepared, and ended up sitting in the cow pasture for an …

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Black Angus Calf- Home in the Finger Lakes

Farm Life Friday

Farm Life We are now up to 6 calves. 6 of 30, it is still early in calving season and I am tired. I am spending around 3-4 hours a day with the cows and calves. I am tired, sore, sun burnt and have a rash that may or may not be poison ivy. I have managed …

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Hereford Cow, Big Red

Farm Friday: My Hereford Helper

Don’t tell the other cows, but I actually have a couple of favorites. Along with our Black Angus Beef Cows we have a few Herefords. Herefords are another breed of cows that are used for meat, but they they don’t have the exceptional meat characteristics of Black Angus. I have mentioned before how the black angus …

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