Four Ways to Get Back to What Matters this Fall

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There is just something about Fall that seems like the “unofficial new year” to me.

Perhaps it’s the kids heading back to school, the cool fresh breeze in the air, or the anticipation of beautiful fall colors, the idea of embracing daily routines and schedules that give our days structure (yes, I really do look forward to this after a chaotic summer!)

For the past 2 months, I’ve felt stalled out. My goals have been moved to the back burner while I help support my husband on the farm, and the kids during their travel ball season (we’ve done a lot of traveling, btw!) And while I’ve loved watching my kids play ball and helping my husband, the craziness of the season has left me overwhelmed.

But, This is actually the perfect time of year to recommit and refocus, and I am digging back into my Powersheets to help me prepare for new seasons ahead.

But before I go over my September Powersheets, If you are feeling stuck, unmotivated or uninspired too, here are four ways we can make the most of the fall season.

Take Inventory of Your Goals

Spend a little bit of time thinking about your goals, and take the time to consciously plan your action steps for the next four months. Ask yourself what you can realistically accomplish between now and December 31, and then create a plan monthly action items to keep you motivated and on track.

I find I do better when I set seasonal goals vs yearly goals. With seasonal goals, I don’t have to whole year stretched out in front of me, and I am more likely to dig in and actually make progress sooner, rather than later, or never!

Create a Fresh Start

There is something so energizing about the cooler fall weather!! Get out of the rut of old habits by trying out a new routine. Try a new morning or evening routine. Change up your fitness routine and try a new workout. Let go of things that are no longer serving you, and try something different. The wonderful thing about a fresh start is that you can do it whenever you need it!

Celebrate Your Achievements

Chances are you DID set some goals or intentions January 1st. This time of the year is a great time to check in with your self and acknowledge your accomplishments. Celebrate and acknowledge the areas in your life where you are doing well, where you’ve grown and made progress, where you’ve already achieved what you set out to do or taken steps in the direction of your goals.

Invest in Yourself

Remember when you were young and Fall meant a new school year, new clothes, new opportunities, and new goals? Why should kids have all the fun? Now is a great time to stock up on fresh organizational supplies! I find that sometimes a small purchase of new stickers or accessories gets me excited about getting back into the habit of planning out my days for productivity. I have my eyes on the Back to What Matters Bundle that is currently on sale!

This new season is an opportunity to start fresh, embrace the changes that are happening, and make the most of the rest of 2019! 

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