The Perfect Sunday in Sodus Point

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Last week we decided to pack up the boat and kids and hit Lake Ontario for the day. It ended up being a perfect day at “The Point”.

Have you ever been to Sodus Point? It often feels like this area of Lake Ontario is overshadowed by the Finger Lakes, but it is the perfect destination for a day trip. Rich in history, and with some of the prettiest views in Wayne County, if you haven’t been to Sodus Point, or even if you haven’t been there lately, getting there is worth the effort.

We brought our boat over and dropped it in at the Sodus Point Bait Shop, but there are many public boat launches available. We spent most of the day cruising around the bay, you probably already know that Lake Ontario can get very rough, and our day out on the water happened to be a pretty bumpy ride, but we really wanted to check out “The Bluffs” so we did venture out into the lake.

Chimney Bluffs is a state park, located in the town of Huron. “The Bluffs” as locals call them, are eroded drumlins that were created during the ice age. The effect of the tall sand and clay peaks is otherworldly, and constantly changing due to continued erosion.  The features 5 hiking trails where visitors can view the large clay formations. It seems common sense because there are signs all of the park to stay off the bluffs, but we did see two people attempting to climb a spire from our boat. The bluffs are not stable, every few years there are reports of deaths from people attempting to scale the bluffs, it is not safe, don’t do it. That’s how people end up on the evening news.

From some vantage points in the park on a clear day, visitors can see Nine Mile Point nuclear power station just outside of Oswego. Entry into the park is free, there are picnic areas, leashed dogs current on vaccinations are allowed.

More information on Chimney Bluffs State Park:

Sodus Point is home to two lighthouses, the Sodus Outer Light which is located on the end of the pier at the entrance to the bay, and the Sodus Point Light, which is no longer a functional lighthouse, but serves as the home for the Sodus Bay Lighthouse Museum. Both are worth checking out and great for photo opps. Admission to the museum is $5/adults & $2.50/kids

More information on the Sodus Bay Lighthouses:

Grab a bite to eat:

If you work up an appetite from a long day boating or hiking grab a bite to eat at one of the local restaurants. You have a few options in Sodus Point, from ice cream to gourmet farm to table fare you will be able to find whatever you have a hankering for.

Captain Jack’s Good Times Tavern

This waterfront restaurant offers dining with a view, and live music on the weekends. The food is always great, with a good selection of all-American meals and a great selection of beer. Fair warning: the service can be hit or miss. If you are boater in the area, then you will find Captain Jack’s private dock convenient when going for a good meal after a day on the Lakes. This is really a unique restaurant and if it is your birthday you will receive 1chicken wing for every year you have been on this planet, Photo ID required. 

The Bay Street

After the Bluffs, The Bay Street might Sodus point’s ultimate “hidden gem” . From the outside, you wouldn’t guess the place was even a restaurant. However, we all know you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, the lack of curb appeal is no representation of the food that is being served inside! The Bay Street has a diverse menu with everything from bar food to steak and lobster. Best known for making some tasty martinis. I consider The Bay Street one of the best local eats in The Point, and is sure to please.

Pultneyville Grill

Just east of Sodus Point in the small hamlet of Pultneyville, you will find the Pultneyville Grill. This upscale restaurant offers a more refined atmosphere and is perfect for a date night or dinner party. The Pultneyville Grill offers menu items influenced by Italian and French cuisine such as Maple Leaf Duck, Loin Lamb Chops, or a classic filet mignon. Dinner entrees run about $20-$30  This is the perfect restaurant when looking for something special.

If you go:

Sodus Point is a great location with some wonderful hidden gems, but the town simply lacks amenities to make it a “resort town”. There are no hotels, so if you are looking to vacation in The Point you will have to book a B&B, or go the route and rent a cottage or house. And once you are there, plan accordingly, because aside from convenience marts, the nearest grocery store is about 20 miles away.

Sodus Point is perfect for a day trip, dropping your boat in the water, hiking along the bluffs, or checking out the lighthouses. Have you spent a day in Sodus Point lately? Tell me about it in the comments!

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