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Vacation in Branchport, NY

I did it. We actually got away on a vacation this summer. After all the calves have been born, and first cutting of hay was tucked away into the barns, but before corn picking and weekend farmers markets. We dug the boat out of a barn, packed an impossible amount of stuff and kids into …

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Beach Glass B Foreman Park Lake Ontario NY

Why your facial scrub could be irritating Lake Ontario and a sweet solution

I was just reading this NPR article about pollution in the Great Lakes from those tiny scrubbing microbeads found in various facial and body scrubs.  The microbeads are included in products for “gentle exfoliation” but they could be causing  irritation to the ecological balance of lakes. Lake Ontario has been effected the hardest, which has the …

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Not My Circus, Not My Monkeys

I recently ran across this polish saying while surfing the interwebs when I really should of been doing something else, like laundry. I decided I had to share it with you for 3 reasons: I am of Polish heritage. You can never have too many sarcastic replies in your repertoire. So my time laying on …

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A New Years Wish For You

It’s hard to believe another year has come to a close and a new year stands in front of us! I hope the coming year brings you  joy,  opportunities and  happy surprises. I think Neil Gaiman said it beautifully: May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you …

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North wind doth blow poem

Recently while my father was in the hospital we sat chatting, discussing the weather and the unavoidable snowfall that would soon be making it’s way into our area, when he recited a poem. The poem was new to me, but it struck a cord. When I asked my father about the poem he said it …

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Patience is what parents have when there are witnesses

Back to school shopping

Every Spring I say the same thing, I am going to do a little back to school shopping over the course of the summer and avoid the headache come the end of August and maybe save a few bucks. Every year 2 days before Labor day I drag my slacker self to the local mall …

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County Fair 2013

Have you missed me? Ok, probably not. We have been enjoying the County Fair this week, and it has been a good week. We have won some ribbons, ate way to much junk food, rode some rides, and had a nightly social hour every day this week. It has been nice, the kids needed a …

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