Birthday Goals

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Guess what today is, it is my birthday!

Last year I shared a fun list of 30 something things you probably didn’t know about me, this year I am doing something a little different.

 Lately I have had a lot on my plate, and am all about list making to help me stay focused and get this crazy amount of junk done that needs doing everyday. In the spirit of list making I have decided to set some goals for my next year of life.

It is easy to look back on a year and think to yourself “what have I done”,  so it is my hope that with this list of  big and small goals that next year on my birthday I will be able to open up this web page and see that this was a good year.

Do you set goals for yourself? Do you regularly check in and monitor your goals?

Here are mine, and I will update you periodically over the course of the year on my progress.



  1. Take another photography class
  2. Go through SD cards and actually print off pictures I love and frame them. I have been meaning to do this for like 2 years
  3. Organize my photograph collection and create a portfolio of best work


  1. Submit an article to a major magazine, newspaper or blog and get it published
  2. Attend a blogging conference
  3. Be more intentional with blogging
  4. Pay more attention to my Facebook page
  5. Explore more local businesses and items made in the Finger Lakes


  1. Install a closet organization system
  2. Paint upstairs bathroom
  3. Spruce up back porch, and by spruce up I mean major overhaul, its a hot mess
  4. Finish kitchen
  5. Create a homework station for the kids
  6. Cook one new thing for dinner every week


  1. Reconnect with a friend I lost touch with.
  2. Lose 15 pounds
  3. Find a meal planning system that works, that I will actually use and stick with
  4. Actually mail christmas cards this year, what can I say I have good intentions, but they rarely lead me to the post office
  5. Take my yoga pants to yoga, yup I have many pairs and they have never actually been used for yoga 😛
  6. Be more positive, I tend to run on the sarcastic side 😉

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  1. Happy Birthday! I hope you achieve all of your goals. We actually have a lot in common! I love your blogs and enjoy your recipes!