30-Something Things you Probably Did Not Know About Me

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 30 things

Someone is having a birthday this week, yeah it’s me, and don’t ask how old I will be, I don’t want to have to lie to you!!  And because birthday’s are a time to reflect and celebrate, I thought I would share a few things about me that perhaps you did not know.


So here are 30-something random things about me for my 30-something birthday 😉

1.While I no longer prefer one of the other, you can gauge how long someone has known me by what name they use for me. All through high school I was strictly Jen, not Jennifer, and certainly not Jenny. Once I got to college I and started dealing with official paper work, and wanted to sound more mature, I started going by Jennifer. Oddly, all these years later with all the intermixing of friends over the years the Jen/Jennifer camps have held. Jen=15 years and longer.

2. I love sarcasm, but sometimes people feel offended and it gets me into trouble. If I have offended you at any point, it is because you don’t have a sense of humor, and therefore your fault.

3.  I taught my self how to quilt, and I am so glad I did. My favorite part of the quilting process is the moment where you start to see it all come together.

4.  I have a celebrity crush on Jase from Duck Dynasty. How can you not crush on a guy who comes up with this kind of genus?:

  • You can talk any redneck into a challenge. That’s why so many rednecks die in strange ways.”
  • “When you don’t know what you’re doing, it’s best to do it quickly.”
  • “Redneck rule number one, most things can be fixed with duct tape and extension cords.”
  • “If you park a camper outside a donut shop, rednecks will come running from rocks, caves, and mountaintops to eat your donuts.”
  • “My top 10 dumbest things I’ve done in my life has all included Si in some way.”
  • “Is this turning into a near death experience…possibly. Does this add to the adventure…absolutely!”
  • “I saw this dog heading towards that RV and I thought, Oh my goodness, this could be the end of that dog’s career.”
  • “Work without fun is like peanut butter without jelly.”
  • “I’m a frog’s worst nightmare.”

5.   I would rather be at the river.

The St. Lawrence River-Home in the Finger Lakes
The St. Lawrence River

6. I only have a handful of real close friends, you know the kind you call when you want to vent, share happy news, or need an alibi. But I will take  quality over quantity in the friend department any day.

 7.I love to read, and am pretty eclectic in my reading choices.

8.I think my dog is the canine version of me, she is stubborn, independent, easily distracted and some times a goof ball.

9.I was once on death’s door. Literally, I was once so sick an entire team of doctors did not expect me to make it. I had a rare allergic reaction called Henoch–Schönlein purpura, my kidney’s got hit hard and I was down for about 8 months. I fully recovered, but occasionally still  have issues with a hypersensitive immune system. Sometimes the littlest things send it into over-drive, like poison ivy and being run down 🙁

10.  I am currently starting week #3 of prednisone because of said crappy immune system and poison ivy incident, and am not happy about it.

11.I have 5 email accounts each one of them is full of spam, I stink at email.

12. I sometimes use the t.v. as a babysitter, I will admit it.

13. If cost and mercury where no issue, I would eat sushi every single day.

Wegmans Sushi

14. My all time favorite song is Every Little Kiss, Try not to judge me 🙂

15. I am afraid of heights, bats and the head lice letter from school that circulates once a year.

16. I was at the 1994 Pearl Jam concert at the Rochester War Memorial, and seriously questioned my decision to go when the doors where ripped off the frames and passed over head to the back of the crowd, and was pushed through the entrance stampede style. Needless to say I avoided the mosh pit once in. I later read in an article Eddie Vedder said he would never do another show in Rochester again, which is fine by me.

17. I drink my coffee black.

18. My youngest daughter is a lot like me, which I love, even though it kind of terrifies me a little.

19. I have a degree in Accounting, but have never actually worked in that field.

20. I want to go back to school and get a degree in something I may actually use.

21. I saw Samuel L. Jackson and Dustin Hoffman in Hollywood when Samuel Jackson was getting his star on the Walk of Fame.

Hollywood 001

22. Fall is my favorite season

23. I don’t have an athletic bone in my body.

24. I hide chocolate in my pie safe.

25.My kids inspire me everyday. They remind me to  take joy in the little things in life, laugh more, and live enthusiastically.

26. I think  farmers are unsung heroes.  For the amount of time and effort invested in keeping everyone fed you’d think we would hold farmers with the same regard as our other heroes, such as nurses, doctors and firefighters.


27. I am totally and apologetically a carb addict. I love bagels and  Italian bread, I will never give them up!

28. I spend way too much time on social media, I might be addicted to the too.

29. I love when my kids climb in bed with me to snuggle in the morning, it is the best part of my day.

30.  I used to love yoga, but have not done it in a long time, but I am planning on starting back up again soon.

31. I don’t drink milk. I am not allergic to it, just don’t like it. I will not touch the stuff.

32. Sometimes I feel guilty about not being able to spend more time managing this blog.

33. I am very thankful to all my friends and readers for commenting and reading my blog, it means a lot to me!

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