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What I Read In February

So let me ask you a question. Do you consider listening Audiobooks "reading" ? I ask because I have recently bought a subsription to Scribd. I love to read but…

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Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have an amazing day celebrating with family and friends. It’s the perfect time to take a moment to reflect on what you’re grateful for this year.

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Another Post Example

Cupcake ipsum dolor sit amet cheesecake marzipan liquorice. Topping soufflé chocolate gummies brownie ice cream cupcake apple pie. Pastry macaroon cake donut lemon drops. Cheesecake cake apple pie. Candy apple…

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Goodbye 2016

I was recently looking back through my archives and came to the realization I had only posted 20 times in 2016, and there was a period of time where I…

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2015 Reader Survey

I love this time of the year. I really use the time in between Christmas and New Years to evaluate the state of my blog. I have been pouring over…

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