Have a Merry Christmas & Blessed 2021

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I will be stepping away from my computer and social media for a little bit to focus on my family but wanted to leave you with little note before I do.

As we reflect back during the year while celebrating Christmas 2020, we can all agree, this year has brought about many changes in everyone’s lives. Some we may have anticipated, but many we probably did not.

I think we’re all ready to make the best of this holiday season and then say a hearty goodbye to 2020.

And while the month is looking a lot quieter than normal, I’m choosing to look on the positive side.

Clearly, this holiday season is unlike any other in modern history. There have been no office parties, in-store shopping sprees, school concerts, and large family gatherings for us.

While we miss the normal holiday traditions, we are heeding the call to sacrifice for the greater good.

We’ve been spending cozy winter evenings with sparkling lights and hot cocoa with our immediate family. And zoom “parties” with our extended families.

This holiday season, and as we move into a new (and hopefully better) year, I wish you endurance, strength, health, and as much comfort and happiness as possible during these highly unusual times.

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