Animal-Related Hobbies That You Can Do at Home

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If the pandemic has gotten in the way of your usual animal-loving activities, such as going to the zoo or helping a local pet shelter, you may be feeling bummed out. Whether you have a pet now or don’t have enough time for one, adding different kinds of animal activities into your life fills you with a sense of accomplishment and responsibility that few other activities can achieve. While it may seem difficult finding new hobbies to take up at home, you’re not out of luck. We have a list of our favorite animal-related hobbies that you can do at home to pass the time with your family.

Backyard Bird Watching

Sometimes the ecosystem we know the least about is right in our backyards. Take up a pair of binoculars and start looking for the different types of birds that fly into and over your lawn. You can teach your children about the birds by taking time to learn new facts about even the most common of feathered friends. Learn what each bird likes to eat and craft a birdfeeder with your family to provide nutrition to the colorful beauties during the hard winter months. Just make sure to protect it from snack-seeking rodents!

Count Your Chickens and Your Eggs

Fresh eggs from your very own chicken coop is a luxurious goal you can reach at any age. Though chickens can be a noisy addition to your home, they provide your whole family with fun and comfort all year long—not to mention a source of food. You’ll fall in love with your silly chickens as you tell your children about animal care and add a touch of the farm to your backyard. If you’re feeling extra crafty, try constructing your own chicken coop! You can make one from scratch, build addons for a shack, or buy a full chicken coop—whichever suits your needs and time requirements best will put your farming skills to the test sooner.

Low Maintenance Aquariums for the Busy Household

Let’s face it, we don’t always have time for owning pets or taking care of animals. This may break your heart as an animal lover, but don’t lose hope! Even caring for something as small as a fish or shrimp can brighten your day and teach children an important lesson in responsibility. One of the most popular low-maintenance aquatic pets is the classic “sea monkey”, or brine shrimp. You may even consider purchasing regular sized shrimp to keep as pets too—they’re rising in popularity as a low maintenance introduction to fish care. Or, if you’ve got the room for it in your yard, room in the budget, and room in the schedule for a little extra maintenance, consider installing a koi pond for both beautiful exterior design and elegant creatures.

These animal-related hobbies that you can do at home are perfect for your wonderful life on the Finger Lakes. Sometimes the answer is as simple as adopting a new cat or dog—but when it’s not possible, finding other ways to express your love for animals will make you just as happy.

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