2021 Reader Survey

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It’s hard to believe that Home in the Finger Lakes has been around for nine years now, and I owe it to you, friends!

I want to keep providing you with the best content possible in 2022, so I’m asking for your feedback in this short survey. Reader surveys are an important health check for blogs. It has been a few years since we have done one, so I’d really appreciate your honest thoughts and opinions. Your feedback helps me understand where I should focus my efforts to deliver a better and more improved experience.

Your answers to all the questions are anonymous. You can complete the survey even if this is your first time visiting Home in the Finger Lakes. I value each and every response!

To take the survey, please complete the form below or if you cannot see it, click here.

The entire survey will only take five minutes of your time but will provide me with a better understanding of the state of the blog. If you would like to know the results of the survey, please ensure that you are signed up to the newsletter list.

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