State of the Blog & Reader Survey Results

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State of the Blog & Reader Survey Results

A couple of weeks ago I asked if you could do me a small favor and answer a couple of quick questions for my annual reader survey.  The questions included the typical location & age inquiries, but I really wanted to get a better handle one how you feel about and interact with this blog. The overall response was positive, and I am extremely grateful for the ideas and suggestions.  I was very moved by the fact that  some of my readers are originally from Upstate New York, and check out my site when they are feeling a little homesick or just want to see what is going on the region. I love that this space actually means something to so many of you!

Below, I’ve compiled statistics for some of the most interesting or relevant questions that you all answered. I also included some stats that were available to me from Google Analytics. This year was a year of pretty big growth for Home in the Finger Lakes, I can not wait to see what 2016 brings!

more feedback

No one really seemed to have strong opinions about the frequency of posts on Home in the Finger Lakes, but many said they would like to see a wider variety of topics.

you want more local life

I love the suggestion of a Sunday Drive feature, and I think featuring homes and gardens would be fun. This is definitely something that will be happening this year!

thank you

Thank you to everyone who took the time to fill out my survey. And thank you for reading Home in the Finger Lakes too! If you ever have any ideas or suggestions, let me know.

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