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So my husband left town for the weekend (if it is 2:30 am and you are looking for naughty housewives you are on the wrong blog Bud, move along). Because we live on a farm he rarely goes out of town, but the final year of the Big East Tournament was enough to draw him and a bunch of his friends down to the city, which left me with the three kids and 2 dogs at home. I tried to think of fun things we could do together, but honestly by the time my husband walked through the door I was more than ready for a break. So here is what I did …


Friday: I went to Joanne Fabrics while the kids were in school and did some grocery shopping. I think I was really craving spring when I was fabric shopping, because all my fabrics were pretty brightly colored, I had visions of working on a pillow after I got the kids into bed during the weekend, but I seemed to poop out long before they did, so all I managed to get done with the fabric was washing and ironing. Who knows maybe tonight I will get more done??


After the kids got home we had a quick dinner and went to see The Great and Powerful Oz, the kids all really enjoyed the movie. I thought the visual effects were pretty good, the story line could have been a little better in my opinion, I kind of felt like there was one too many witches, but that might just be me over-thinking a Disney Movie.


Saturday: I took the kids to a fund raiser for a local school, they had fun and playing games and eating sno-cones, we came home and I warmed up pizza pockets as a dish to pass (I know, I know SLACKER!) for dinner at a friends house, the food was great and the kids and I really enjoyed ourselves. When we got back home it was late, but the kids talked me into moving their mattresses into my bedroom for a camp out, we had popcorn and streamed in Rise of the Guardians.

Sunday: I moved the mattresses back into the kids bedrooms, worked on laundry, settled on a pattern for the fabric I bought on Friday. I also took a peak at my calendar and realized this is the week my kitchen ceiling is getting torn out! I have so much to do to get ready for this I can not even believe it! I have to completely empty all my cupboards, move furniture and pick paint colors , oh my!

So why is my kitchen ceiling getting torn out? We live in an old farm house, our very own version of the The Money Pit. We have been knocking out projects as we can, but for many years we were too focused on major updates and repairs to electrical,  plumbing and windows, to even consider cosmetic updates.  But recently I decided it was time to take care of our wavy drop ceiling, it is an eyesore, and 2 years ago on Thanksgiving Day a large section just dropped out, as in the ceiling is falling! I am very excited to have the ceiling be a finished project, but not looking forward to the mess, wish me luck! I will try to post pics and updates along the way.


Lastly, as an update to The Bridesmaid dress that won’t zip. I  have been jogging/fast-walking on my treadmill 3 times a week. I am trying to do 2.5 miles each time. So far so good, I have lost 3 pounds, but am also really enjoying the little energy boost I am getting from the exercising! I would like to start a food journal, but think the week my kitchen is all torn apart is not really the week to start that.

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    1. Thank you! I still have not done anything with the fabric :-(, but I am hoping to soon! The ceiling project is creeping along, it is super messy, and I am really more than ready to get it over with!