Countdown the the wedding…

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Yay! My brother’s wedding in 5 days, I am so excited! I have been doing some serious time on the treadmill and it paid off, I can officially zip my dress. I did have to take it in for a few alterations though, it still needed to be let out a little right by my arm pits, it was too tight there and created arm pit muffin top not attractive. I had to skip the bachlorette fun day because I caught the nasty head cold that my kids have had all Spring break. I was very disappointed to miss the activities the girls in the wedding party had planned, we were going to do some shopping and have a nice dinner at the Gate House in Rochester, but I would not have been much fun.

Since I have been sick and pretty well dosed up on cold meds. I have been picking away at some back end stuff here at Home in the Finger Lakes.  I recently read an article that said it takes about  3 months for the average blogger to get comfortable and all set up on a new blog. At the time I thought that 3 months seemed long, but  now I think it is about right as I am creeping up on the 3 month mark myself. I have been working on my Linky Party Page. I had text links, because my first attempt at buttons looked sloppy. But there are so many pretty buttons that bloggers have made, I really wanted to display them.  Take a peak, it looks much better now, and there are some great parties to link up to!

First plowed field of spring upstate New York
Field crop farming has officially started on our farm


Looking ahead to the week, tomorrow I have conference at school with my youngest’s teacher, she does well academically so I am somewhat concerned over why I need to go talk to the teacher. I am afraid she has been getting a little sassy at school.  My ceiling guys are also coming tomorrow to sand and mud the ceiling again. I have to pick my dress up, and hope the alterations are right.   I have a rehearsal party Friday. I offered to make cupcakes for dessert, and I really need to start figuring out what kind to make, I was thinking a vanilla bean, and something else, probably something chocolate, but I am still up in the air.  And of course the wedding is Saturday! All  of this while we are getting ready to get into calving season, and have begun field work on the farm.  Phew, it will be a busy week!

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    1. Thank you so much the wedding was great and I was able to fit into my dress without breaking a rib! 🙂

    1. Didi, thank you I am feeling much better now!
      We have black angus beef cows, calving season is when the babies come, nature usually takes care of it’s self, but I am the one who monitors all the moms while the hubs is at work 🙂