Whirlwind Wedding Week

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Phew, What a week! I am so glad this week is going to be pretty laid back, I think I need a week to recover from last week! So because I got to busy with getting ready for the wedding and being sick. Let me catch you up.

I ended up going to the Dr.s Monday. My sinuses just spiraled out of control, my thought was I could get on antibiotics and would be all better in time for the wedding. My doctor agreed, she said my sinus infection would not be completely cleared up, but at least I would not have fluids leaking out of every opening on my face. I left that appointment, filled my prescription and went home to rest.

Tuesday, running, running and more running. My dress fit, all my jogging paid off but had to be let out slightly under my arms. I had to pick that up, get the right undergarments for the dress, do a little grocery shopping. The dress fit perfectly and the day flew by way to fast. My kitchen contractor called to finish up my ceiling, I really did not want to, but I had to put off finishing my ceiling until next week. I just really can not have all the dry wall dust right now, so this is still the current state of my ceiling… still


Wednesday was my conference with the my youngest’s teacher. It was not a bad conference, but my daughter is very much enjoying the social side of school, and needs to focus more on academics. My ear also really started hurting, even though I felt like my sinuses were improving, I took more sudafed and hoped they would drain…

Friday, Lots more ear pain, and sudafed later I decide to head back to the Dr.s, at this point I am pretty sure she is sick of seeing me. But I did not see this ear thing clearing up anytime soon. After reiterating the fact I am in a wedding in 2 days and want to be dancing and having a good time, several times over the course of my appointment. I left with a prescription for prednisone and eardrops, and a promise from the dr. we just needed to get all the crap in my sinuses out, and I would feel much better by Saturday afternoon. I had a rehearsal for the wedding and small party.

Saturday I woke up , while having my coffee my ears were popping and I was way less congested (yay!). I went and got my hair done for the wedding. Put my dress on that fit perfectly (did I mention that already 🙂 ?) And had a great time! We danced almost all night!

Loved my hair the place I went did a fabulous job!

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  1. I have already gone through one round of antibiotics and still cannot hear anything and have drainage from my sinuses into my throat. I foresee another round of medication before it gives up. I LOVE your hair, gorgeous.

    1. Hope you are feeling better! This head cold is a nasty one! Thank you so much, there was a ton of hairspray in my hair, it did not move all day or night, I was not sure I would ever wash it all out 🙂