Snow Goose migration makes a layover at our farm

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Did you realize we here in Upstate New York  are on the Snow Goose migration route or flyway? I always enjoy seeing them come in, they usually stop over in one of our corn fields to graze on the left over corn from chopping. You can usually spot them in the Fall and Spring, they are pretty hard to miss, they travel together in huge flocks, on the ground they enjoy foraging agricultural fields looking for unused grains and look like a large drift of snow.  Snow Geese make  great  journeys by air,  leaving breeding grounds  in northern Greenland, Canada, and Alaska, to winter in warm parts of North America from southwestern British Columbia through parts of Mexico, a journey more than 3000 miles.

I am never very successful at getting pictures of  the Snow Geese when they stop over, but I was able to get a few this morning.

Snow Geese
Snow Geese

Geese2 Geese3


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  1. Amazing!
    All we have in our area is Canada Geese (or as we call them, mall geese)
    There is a pair that always builds a nest near the entrance to my husband’s workplace, and if you get too close while trying to go in the door, they will chase you off!