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Soup and Salad

Easy and comforting soup and light and healthy salad recipes that are perfect for lunch or dinner.

Sauerkraut Salad

Oh Sauerkraut, people either love it or hate it,  it seems there is no gray area where fermented cabbage is concerned. I happen to love sauerkraut, but even if you are not a fan don’t be too quick to brush off this recipe for Sauerkraut salad, surprisingly you can hardly taste the sauerkraut. Sauerkraut has a …

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Thai Chicken Vegetable Soup

  We have been hit hard by a nasty virus. My oldest daughter came down with it first, it was relentless for a solid week, after about 5 days she developed ear infections. Around the time of her ear infections, the rest of us started dropping like flies. It is a miserable cold that once …

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Claremont Salad

I was first introduced to Claremont salad at the Wegman’s deli counter. I grabbed a prepackaged container of it to go with a rotisserie chicken one night when a homemade dinner was just not in the cards for me. I was instantly hooked on the sweet and tangy salad made of cabbage, cukes, carrots and …

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Thai Cucumber salad- Home in the Finger Lakes

Thai Cucumber Salad

I am going to be honest with you, I love cucumbers, but really could not care less about pickles. Somewhere between cucumber and pickle the whole thing just takes a wrong turn for me.  What was once crunchy, juicy and fresh ends up suspended in a fluid like a science experiment;  lifeless, salty and lacking …

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Cream Of Broccoli Soup

Broccoli has always been one of my favorite veggies, but it was not until I was a little older when I really began to appreciate broccoli. See, when I was younger I would happily eat raw broccoli as a snack, but once it was cooked it started to lose it’s appeal for me, see overcooked …

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