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Upstate New York’s Iconic Half-Moon Cookie Recipe

Upstate New York is known for quite a few unique dishes. Utica greens, Chicken French, Salt Potatoes and Grape Pie are just a few of the well known (to locals) regional specialties we can’t get enough of. But the most iconic of all sweet treats to hail from Upstate New York is without a doubt …

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Fresh Strawberry Almond Muffins

Fresh Strawberry Almond Muffins I am pretty sure some of the best cooks are innkeepers at bed and breakfast inns.  So, I am thrilled to share this recipe from the Vintage Gardens Bed and Breakfast in Newark, NY. Kimberly Meeks, the innkeeper of Vintage Gardens graciously shared her most popular breakfast recipes with me.  And …

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After-School Applesauce Cake

This post is all Rochester, from the Applehood and Motherpie cookbook After-School Applesauce Cake recipe to the essential ingredient that will have everyone asking for the recipe, this is pure hometown comfort food at it’s finest. I have already gushed on and on about Applehood and Motherpie, so I will spare you that, but I …

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