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Tart Cherry Filled Sweet Buns

A vatrushka is a Russian/Ukrainian open-faced pastry or tart. Made with various doughs and pastries and dozens of fillings, vatrushka are a traditional Russian/Ukrainian tea-time treat. After some reading, I learned it seems the most popular type is a yeast bun topped with sweet cottage cheese filling. I first ran across these treats on Pinterest, …

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Freezing Sour Cherries

I think when someone mentions cherries the first thought that comes to mind are the sweet summer fruits, easily found at farmer’s markets and in grocery stores.  But for me sour cherries are where it is at. Also know as pie cherries or tart cherries, these bright red little gems are more pucker inducing than …

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Cherry Almond Kuchen Recipe_Home in the Finger Lakes

Cherry Almond Kuchen

I was so thrilled this year to be able to actually get sour cherries in the freezer so I can make homemade Sour Cherry Pie Filling! Sour cherry pie is my absolute favorite pie, but the way my family annihilates pies,  they don’t really seem worth the effort. I spend all that time rolling, chilling …

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Make sour cherry pie filling using canned, frozen or bottled sour cherries with this recipe - Home in the Finger Lakes

Sour Cherry Pie Filling

If I had to pick only one kind of pie to eat for the rest of my life I would not even hesitate, sour cherry pie. No, let me be a little more specific, homemade sour cherry pie. Not the kind of pie that has canned cherry pie filling… ummm, EVER!  Pie filling made from …

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