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5 Gadgets to Boost Coop Security & Protect Chickens From Predators

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No matter what your chicken coop might look like, or purpose your chicken serve, the threat of a predator attack is never far from chicken keepers minds. There are a number of gadgets that are available to help keep your flock safe from predators, and enhance your chicken-keeping experience. I’ve rounded up five gadgets that will not only making keeping chickens easier, but help to keep your flock safe and happy.

5 Gadgets to Protect Chickens From Predators

Nothing beats a secure coop and chicken yard, but these 5 gadgets from Amazon will help boost the security of your chicken coop and yard and give you a little peace of mind.

You shouldn’t rely on any of these gadgets listed as your only form of coop security, but adding a gadget or two is a good way to boost the security of your hen house.

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