13 Simple Fall Traditions

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Every Leaf is a Flower

Apple picking, baking, taking a scenic drive to enjoy the foliage, there is so much to love about fall! Check out my 13 favorite fall traditions, maybe add a couple to your fall bucket list, and then I want to hear about you favorite autumn family traditions and how you savor fall.

Apple Shed Wagon Autumn 2015

Apple Shed Gourds Autumn 2015

  • Decorate your home with some easy and inexpensive fall decor ideas.  Decorate your home inside and outside with gourds, leaves, pumpkins, dried decorative colored corn, apples and other seasonal materials for beautiful fall displays. Around this time, I also like to add more blankets, pillows, books and yummy smelling candles inside to make my house feel more cozy and inviting.
  • Apple cider donuts!!  This Autumn treat is not to be missed! Upstate New York has adopted this traditional New England harvest confection and cider donuts are easily found at many cider mills across the state.  Where is your favorite place to get them?


Apple Shed Orchard Autumn 2015

  • Pick apples at an apple orchard, round up your baskets and radio flyer wagons! Picking apples is one of my favorite things to do with the kids during the fall, it is even sweeter if you go home and then make some homemade apple pie or crisp.
  • If you live somewhere the leaves change colors, take a scenic drive to soak up all the beautiful changing colors. You can check out the foliage levels at the 2015 FALL COLOR REPORT for New York State, It is updated weekly!
  • Treat yourself to a Pumpkin Spice Latte and an afternoon of strolling around town in the crisp autumn air.
  • Spend a day trying out a new soup and chili recipe. I love tending to a simmering pot of soup on cool days!  (psst… I am looking for a great minestrone soup recipe, if you have a favorite – please share it with me in the comments below).
  • Spend a lazy Sunday afternoon watching some family friendly Halloween movies
  • Apple Shed Pumpkins Autumn 2015Visit a local pumpkin patch or corn maze. Corn mazes are actually pretty impressive feats of agriculture. A variety of corn that grows 8 or 9 feet tall during good growing conditions and creates a thick densely packed field of corn.  Farmers use  tractors equipped with GPS to cut a pattern of paths into the field, and that is were the family fun begins! Head in and try to find your way out!  Help is usually available, if needed, and there are often puzzles to solve or clues to let you know you are on the right path.
  • Enjoy dinner outdoors Cooler temperatures, fewer bugs, and the beautiful scenery make dining outdoors more enjoyable in the fall than summer.
  • Check out a high school football game. Even if you aren’t a football fan there is something so fun about taking in a game under the lights on a Friday night!
  • Take a nature walk or hike. There are so many beautiful places to hike in Upstate New York; Watkins Glen, Letchworththe Canal Trail, The Genesee Riverway Trail, just to name a few. Pack a picnic lunch and have an adventure exploring.
  • Rake all the leaves in your yard into a big pile and jump in! If you have kids this is the perfect photo op!

No matter what I am doing my favorite thing about Fall is the permission it gives us to feather our nest,  settle in, and slow down.

13 Simple Fall Traditions

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