Feeling Festive

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It is that time of the year, again! The odd time right before Thanksgiving where I not sure if I should decorate for Christmas, or if it is still too early.

It seems there are two camps: The ones who believe anything after November 1st is fair game for Christmas decorations, and the other, and seemingly more vocal side, who want nothing to do with Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

I hear you, and I see both sides! I don’t want to rush through Thanksgiving, but I also want to enjoy the magicalness of the Christmas spirit for as long as I can.  My kids are getting older, and I want to bask in their childhood Christmases as long as possible.

Anndd I found these adorable vintage look deer at Michaels, that honestly I just didn’t want to pack away, they are just too cute! So I decided to start getting my holiday stuff out extra early this year, and dressed up the top of my pie safe.

I wasn’t always all gung-ho ho about getting the Christmas decorations out.

It started slowly, like most other bad habits.

I have been hosting Thanksgiving for the pasts few years, at some point, I started sprinkling Christmas Decor out before Turkey Day, you know just a touch here and there. So things would be a little more festive for Thanksgiving.

We have always bought our Christmas Tree the day after Thanksgiving, and one year I decided why not go for it, let’s have the tree up FOR Thanksgiving,  for our guests to enjoy, and to also fill up that odd space in the back of my living room that we have no idea what to do with, and that is pretty much how Christmas found a way to overlap with Thanksgiving at my house.

I do enjoy the decorations, but oddly enough, as much as I love early holiday decorations, I really just don’t want to see them after January 1st.

Do you have a specific time you like to set out holiday decor? What bugs you more?  Decorations out early? Or leaving them up way after Christmas? What do your family traditions involve?

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