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Amish and Mennonite Food Stores in New York

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Amish and Mennonite Food Stores in New York


Upstate New York is home to a growing community of Amish and Mennonite families. Drawn to the area’s fertile soil and available farmland, they have become a pleasant fixture here. It is very common to see horse-drawn buggies on the roads, young Mennonites in their late teens and early 20′s are often seen riding bicycles along the hilly countrysides in the Finger Lakes area.

Both communities have very strong ties to farming and agriculture, but many Amish and Mennonites have started support businesses, cottage industries, and retail shops such as furniture building, construction, bulk food stores, fabric and dry good shops. These family owned businesses are bringing back authentic shopping experiences to our area in a time when homogenized big-box stores are everywhere, and to be honest I just really like shopping at them, especially the bulk foods stores.

Amish and Mennonite Food Stores in New York are a great place to shop to stock your pantry with basics ingredients, or buy items for long-term food storage. I usually shop with a massive list, I have 25 herbs and spices I consider essential and usually buy 6 months to a year’s supply at a time, I also buy a bunch of flour, oats, beans and sugars, but in slightly smaller quantities, there was a pantry moth incident a few years ago I am not keen on reliving.

All the stores are slightly different but generally you will be able to find the following items at most Amish and Mennonite Food Stores:


  • Rice
  • Lentils
  • Oats: instant, rolled
  • Nuts: cashews, almonds, walnuts, peanuts, etc.
  • Nut butters
  • Spices: from cinnamon to curry, nutmeg to smoked paprika,
  • Dried Pasta
  • Dried fruits: apples, banana chips, dates, raisins, etc.
  • Sugars: white, brown, confectioners, etc.
  • Flours: white, wheat, rye, gluten-free, etc.
  • Seeds: pumpkin, sunflower, poppy, sesame, etc.
  • Confectioneries: chocolate chips, sprinkles etc.
  • Coffee and tea
  • Cereals
  • Local Maple syrup and Honey
  • Beans: kidney, black, chickpeas, etc.
  • Soup Mixes
  • Condiments: ketchup, mustard, hot sauce
  • Snack items and Candy I never leave without gummy fried eggs if I have my kids with me
  • Cheese: hard and soft, bricks, shredded, curds and bulk
  • Frozen Fruits
  • Locally raised meat
  • Deli Items: Sliced Meat and Cheeses
  • Seasonal Fresh Produce

Amish and Mennonite Food Stores in New York

The following is a list of Amish and Mennonite run stores or stores that cater to the Amish and Mennonite communities. This list, which isn’t comprehensive in any way, include my own experiences and others’ recommendations. Know of another Amish or Mennonite Food store? Please tell me about it, and I’ll add it to the map and list.


Dutchland Foods
3948 N Main St
Marion, NY 14505
‎(315) 926-4480

Glenwood Foods
2905 NY-318 Seneca Falls, NY 13148
(315) 568-2050
Thank you, Corey, for this recommendation!

Hollow Creek Farms
New Expanded location!
6300 Route 414
Romulus, NY 14541
2670 Swick Road
Ovid, NY 14521
(607) 869-9985
Thank you for this recommendation, Sharon!

Lantz’s Bulk Foods
5673 State Route 20A E.
Warsaw, NY 14569
(585) 786-3710

Kountry Kupboard
7967 Rt. 20
Madison, NY
(315) 893-7437

Meadow View Market
13001 NY-34
Martville, NY 13111
(315) 626-2000
Just opened!

Millers Ridgeway Bulk Food Bakery
10858 Ridge Road
Medina, NY 14103
(585) 798-9700
Thank you Marnie for this recommendation!

Mountain View Dairy
335 Filburn Rd
Richfield Springs, NY 13439
Thank you, Lu for this recommendation!

Nolt’s Country Store
7189 New York 812, Lowville, NY 13367
(315) 377-3077
Thank you Patrice for this recommendation!

North Country Store
32660 Rt. 11 S
Philadelphia, NY
(315) 642-0646

Pine Grove Country Store
8473 County Road 3
Centerville NY 14029
Thank you Amy for this recommendation!

 Pine Lane Pantry
1744 Rt. 5 & 20
Geneva, NY
Going out of business

Pine Ridge Groceries
4085 State Hwy 206
Bainbridge, NY
(607) 967-5926

Oak Hill Bulk Foods, Inc.
3173 Route 14A
Penn Yan, NY

Sauder’s Store
2146 W River Road
Seneca Falls, NY
(315) 568-2673

Sharp’s Bulk Foods
8220 Rt. 289
Belleville, NY
(315) 846-5337

Shirk’s Meat Market
4342 John Green Road
Dundee, NY 14837
(607) 243-5581
Thank you John for this recommendation!

Sugar Creek Foods
2901 State Hwy 364 Penn Yan, NY 14527
(315) 536-0105
If you bring your own container they will fill it up and charge a little less. A quart of raw local honey usually is about $10!
Thank you Hannah for this recommendation!

Troyer’s Country Store
John Troyer
5518 Nelson Road
Canastota, NY 13032
Phone: (315) 655-0346
Fax: (315) 655 0341
Services: Deli Bulk Foods, Farm Products
Hours: Mon. 9-6, Tues-Thurs 9-5, Fri. 9-6, Sat. 8-4, Closed Sundays

The Olde Country Market
6505 State Rte 5
Vernon, NY
(315) 829-3035

Weaver-View Farms (may be a quilt shop now, I’m not sure. They closed briefly and reopened. I have not been there since the re-opening, if you have let me know!)
1190 Earls Hill Rd.
Penn Yan, NY
(315) 781-2571

Witmer’s Country Market
Thank you Janice for this recommendation!
372 Grant Ave
Auburn, NY 13021

If you are into canning sure you check out my list of New York State Produce Auctions, they are a great place to get locally grown produce at wholesale prices, and are open to the public! 

New York State Produce Auctions, where to find them and what to expect if you are buying or selling


Saturday 20th of August 2022

I would like to see Beef Barley soup. I keep looking for it at Sauders in Seneca Falls.


Tuesday 21st of June 2022

Please add Black Buggy Market on Routes 5 & 20, Canandaigua NY 14424.

They sell bulk foods, canning materials, and home baked goods. They also have a deli counter for cold cuts and cheeses. You can buy made to order sandwiches and ready to eat soups. They sell seasonal plants as well and in the summer there’s a little farm stand out front.

It’s not a big store, but it’s very convenient for the area and they have plenty of variety for what one would expect of a Mennonite/Amish store.

Lynn Turner

Sunday 26th of September 2021

Thank you for the list of vendors. I'm looking to open a bulk food store in the NY/PA area. I am not Amish or Mennonite but love buying in bulk at reasonable prices. I have a few questions for those who frequent these stores:

1. What would you like to buy that is not being sold in these stores? 2. What would you change about these stores? 3. Where would you like to have a bulk store in the NY/PA area?

Thank you for your reply. Your input will help me to create a store with a shopping experience that you will love.

Lynn Bayly

Tuesday 10th of May 2022

@Lynn Turner,

Between Binghamton NY and Sayre NY

Sherry Kearns

Tuesday 24th of August 2021

Please add Dutch Country Market

56 Willett Street, Fort Plain, NY 13339

This is an Amish Bulk and Salvage Store.


Wednesday 29th of April 2020

Martin's Grocery Outlet is a Mennonite store in Clyde in Wayne County at 112 Columbia Street (at the site of the previous Save-A-Lot). The store features close-to-date foods at really good prices, fresh staples that have plenty of time on them (like dairy and bread), scratch-and-dent items (the box is scuffed, but the inside bag is sealed, etc.) and a mix of local and shipped produce. They also carry local crafted items (not a whole lot of those), bulk goods and spices and Plain-origin foods like Walnut Creek brand. The meat department cuts in-house. The store has quite an array of frozen goods. You can also find Plain-baked goods in addition to national brands. They have an assortment of household items, health & beauty aids and cleaning supplies. It's like a fun little treasure hunt each time you visit to see what's available. They accept cash, credit, debit and EBT. Closed on Sundays. They're generally open 8:30 to 6, and a little later on Fridays and Saturdays.