Life Lately: Week #3

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The kids were off this week, and we were pretty much snowed in. When it was not snowing it was really just too cold to go anywhere so we hunkered down at home and read, played some games and tried not to get cabin fever.

What I was digging on the Internets this week


Pretty much a whole lot of nothing. It snowed, was cold and snowed some more.

Moleskine JournalI got a Moleskine Weekly Planner right about the beginning of the new year, and started Bullet Journaling. I fell out of the habit of using it during the kids spring break and realized how much it keeps me on track and organized.

The lives they Left Behind Black and White

I finished reading The lives they left behind. It was a very interesting deeper look into some of the Willard Suitcase Owners.

Conversation Hears

I broke a tooth on one of these. Seriously, I lost a chunk of tooth to a conversation heart.

Upcoming Stuff

    • The traveling Lives They Left Behind Exhibit is coming to the Museum of disABILITY History in Buffalo, NY beginning Feb. 27! The exhibit features the stories of some to the Willard suitcase owners, and I believe Lawerence Mocha’s story is one of those included in the exhibit. The opening night will feature a special presentation from Colleen Kelly Spellecy, the Willard Cemetery Memorial Project Chairperson!

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