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Lighting candles is an easy way to brighten your day, it’s a simple act that feels indulgent and comforting. Midheaven Candles made in the Finger Lakes infuse a room with beautiful natural fragrances, in a clean burning soy wax.

We have suddenly been given the gift of time, and I’ve been trying to treat this time as an opportunity to slow down, and be grateful for life’s blessings both big and small, and create a home that is a sanctuary.

Now more than ever I want our home to be a haven, a place that provides refuge and comfort for my family, and myself.

I’ve talked about Hygge before, the Danish lifestyle of creating a inviting and cozy home, it is a popular trend here in the states during winter, but I’ve found that even as the days get longer and the weather warms right now I still crave the feelings of contentment, family time, cozy ambiance, and appreciation for the daily simple pleasures of life that are part of hygge.

Lately, lighting candles has been a simple way for me to celebrate my family, and create a comforting atmosphere during this unsettling time. I think candles offer a lot of ambiance and coziness, that promotes relaxation and helps ease and soothe the mind.

I’ve been burning, and loving Midheaven Candles, a Finger Lakes based scented candle brand that is focused on all natural scented candles featuring the high quality essential oil fragrances in a super clean burning soy wax.

Scent is a powerful tool, and it is done incredibly well in Midheaven candles. The scents are comfortable and invoke feelings of familiarity and naturalness. Stacey, the creative force behind Midheaven Candles says she gets inspiration for new scents from her connection with nature. In an email, Stacy told me “I absolutely love living in Upstate NY all the natural beauty between seasons. To be able to emulate a past experience through the scent of a candle is very rewarding”

What mood you want to create in your home, where you feel your most at peace—At the beach? The woods? A spa? Whatever it may be for you, Midheaven scented candles have a scent to help you recreate the fragrances of those places in your own space.

You might be surprised how much scent can add to your home’s overall atmosphere and mood. Not sure where to start? Sea Salt and Orchid “is a smooth and elegant blend of soft floral notes with salty highlights, transporting you to your own oceanside oasis.” Oakmoss and Amber has a woodsy scent that I find nostalgic and familiar, while being modern and mysterious at the same time, I absolutely adore this scent! For a fresh and invigorating scent Pineapple Sage is an exotic fragrance blend of sweet pineapple and aromatic sage, that I love to burn mid-afternoon when my energy starts to slump.

You can find Midheaven Candles on their website www.midheavencandles.com

Red Jacket Orchards Farm Store
957 Canandaigua Road
Geneva, NY 14456

The Apple Farm
1640 NY-444
Victor, NY 14564

Pilates of Pittsford
1370 Pittsford Mendon Road (Rt. 64)
Mendon, New York 14506

Brooklyn Blend
474 Ridge Road
Webster, NY 14580

A huge thanks to Stacey and Midheaven Candles for sharing her candles with me! Be sure to follow her on Instagram, and visit Midheaven Candles for the latest in beautifully scented hand-poured soy wax candles.

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