Real Life Laundry Hacks for Busy Families

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I never aspired to be a laundry pro, but I am truly a self- proclaimed expert on this subject. I handle laundry on a daily basis that would send most running to the hills. Farm clothes caked in what I hope is mud, but probably isn’t, and athletic clothes ripe with post-workout stench make daily appearances in my laundry basket.

I’ve been deep in the laundry trenches for years now, and I have found a few hacks and tips that have been extremely helpful at taming Mt. Washmore.  But my secret weapon is truly using a laundry detergent that can handle whatever laundry disasters we throw at it. Wisk Deep Clean® has been my go-to detergent for years, it has cleaned up countless of our dirty baseball uniforms, stinky gym clothes, filthy farm gear, & everyday stains, and I have no doubt it is the only detergent that can handle our messy life.

Real Life Laundry Hacks for Busy Families

Make a Laundry Schedule

It seems excessive, but if you’re running a busy household, it’s easy to fall behind. Write up a schedule and keep it in your organizer or post it in the laundry room.  Develop a schedule that works for your family eg. if your kids do Saturday sport, then Saturday is  athletic clothes washing day. I tend to do the bulk of my laundry on one day, but because so much of our laundry requires immediate attention (ie. is super nasty and dirty) I also do several “specialized” loads throughout the week.

Lazy Line Dry

This tip is courtesy of my cousin!

Her favorite laundry hack is to handle each item of clothing as little as possible. One of the ways you can do that by hanging clothes on plastic hangers as soon as you take them out of the washing machine. Just give the item a good shake and hang it to dry on a plastic hanger (no wire hangers) . Once the clothes are dry, you just grab the batch of clothes and move it to a closet, without any of the time-consuming sorting out of a basket, and trying to hang before wrinkles set in.

Lazy Line Drying is especially good for certain items of clothing, I really think it is great for the kids athletic material hoodies, button-up shirts, and other lighter garments. I have been utilizing lazy line drying for some clothes and it is great to skip a step, you can also hang indoors on a shower rod if the weather is not going to cooperate with your laundry schedule.

Laundry Sorting Area

Who hasn’t experienced the dreaded laundry room floor pileup? This tends to happen while laundry is in progress and the person doing the laundry is attempting to get things sorted out —  this pile eventually turns into Mt. Washmore when it the laundry is then left there to “finish later”, and by time “later” rolls around the laundry has magically multiplied.

A simple solution is to use a three- or four-bin laundry sorter and toss clothes into the appropriate bin right from the get-go. I created my own laundry sorting center out of a shelving unit that wasn’t currently being utilized and laundry baskets, but if you really want to get fancy Pinterest has laundry sorting stations galore to inspire you.

Keep Socks Corralled in a Garment Bag

Sometimes the hardest part of laundry is actually putting away the laundry, Especially when you are sorting through clean clothes looking for matching socks. To solve this problem, use a small mesh laundry bag as your sock-specific hamper, you can even clothespin it to the outside of a hamper, and just toss the zipped up laundry bag full of socks into the wash. . Soapy water will get through the bag and the socks will get clean, but they won’t get thrown off into another dimension during the washing or drying phase. If you give each kid their own sock laundry bag, they can help out by matching up their own socks.

Use the Right Detergent

I already told you my secret laundry weapon is a detergent that can handle whatever we dish out. For over 60 years, Wisk has been a premium laundry detergent brand that’s known for effectively fighting the toughest stains, including that famous Ring Around the Collar®.

Be sure to follow the directions for use on the packaging exactly. With Wisk Deep Clean®, even our grossest clothing & athletic wear achieve a really premium level of clean and de-funkification! Wisk Deep Clean goes beyond surface stains, penetrating deep inside the fabric to attack and help remove hidden body oils and sweat some other detergents can leave behind*

Even though farm clothes soiled with mud and muck are gross, embedded sweat and odors can pose an ever bigger lanudry challenge than stains. Did you know that the average washload contains 20 times more body oils and sweat than visible stains? Those trapped body oils can leave lingering odors. Wisk Deep Clean® cleans beyond visible stains, attacking trapped body oils and sweat – one of today’s difficult laundry soils

*Compared to the leading variant of the top three liquid value brand

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  1. Great ideas especially the sort station! I don’t have a written schedule but tend to do linens on Mondays and Fridays (towels one day; sheets the next) and then our normal clothing loads nearly every other day. Amazing how fast it adds up with kids!

    1. You are right Sarah, It really doesn’t take long for the laundry piles to grow when you have kids!

  2. Great tips. We used to have a laundry sorter that held three bags and could roll around the house. It broke in the move, but doesn’t work well now anyways because we have stairs. I usually just sort my clothes into 3 different baskets, but it still seems like things get out of hand fast. I’m going to try the mesh sock bag. That sounds like a good idea. Pinning, stumbling and tweeting this post. Happy Tuesday!