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Hay Day on the Farm

Hay is tricky, a large part of your success is dependant on the weather.  Hay needs hot low moisture days to dry, and if you remember there wasn't a lot of those days this summer. But we were still able to get through both 1st and 2nd cutting, and...

Corn Harvest on the Farm

Summer has winded down, and I have to tell you I am looking forward to a slower pace. But before  we can button up the field work and call it done the field corn needs to be harvested and stored for winter. I almost choked on my coffee when I reread...

Chillin with the cows

So, I realize this post may just  get lost in a sea of other voices who are just fed up with this winter.  But I need to talk about this cold weather, and honestly if someone in Upstate NY complains about the cold, you know it must be bad. The cold...

Jennifer Morrisey

Hi! I’m Jennifer – a work at home, farmer's wife, mom to 3, living life in Upstate New York! I love sharing tasty recipes, easy do it yourself projects, and little stories of life on a farm in the Finger Lakes.