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Secrets to Surviving the Winter With Chickens From The Chicken Coop

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Secrets to Surviving the Winter With Chickens From The Chicken Coop

If you’ve kept chickens during the cold winter months before you know just how challenging this can be. Here in the Finger Lakes it can get down to a chilly -12°F, which can make chickens very unhappy! In these conditions, if you’ve managed to stop their water freezing and can keep their coop warm, you’re already doing better than most- but that’s before we even mention hungry predators who will risk attacking in broad daylight for a meal.

Don’t worry though; it’s not all bad news!

My friend Claire, from Happy Chicken Coop, has just finished writing The Definitive Guide To Keeping Chickens In Winter, which is all about keeping your chickens safe during winter. It contains six chapters, and each one focuses on a specific aspect of winter care: from winterizing your coop through to how to handle winter molts- you will find it all in there. The guide is a must read for any backyard chicken keeper, even if you do live in a lovely warm southern climate!

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