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30 Rustic Farmhouse Finds For Christmas

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Have you started decorating for the holiday season yet?

Don’t hate me, but we actually started decorating the day after Halloween. Honestly it wasn’t entirely my idea. My oldest daughter is a Christmas fanatic, and since this is he senior year of high school, I indulged her premature holiday spirit, and told her she could go ahead and haul out all the trees, totes and storage bins of Christmas paraphernalia.

Over the years, I have moved away traditional Christmas bright red, green and silver decor, to a more rustic and cozy farmhouse themed decor scheme, and I really feel it suits our old farmhouse and lifestyle!

Today, I have put together a collection of beautiful decor accents to help you bring Farmhouse style Christmas into your home. I hope these ideas will leave you feeling inspired as you begin your holiday decorating!

30 Rustic Farmhouse Finds For Christmas

These Amazon Christmas farmhouse decor finds are perfect for anyone who loves decorating their home with cozy rustic touches.

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