Housel’s Haunted House- The Upstate Halloween Display You Need to See

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Looking for a fun family-friendly Halloween activity? You still have time to check out this local unbelievable Halloween display in Canandaigua! My youngest daughter and I took the drive over this weekend and we weren’t disappointed!

Every year this display is built and maintained by Karl Housel who begins setting up the displays in August. Housel spends a considerable amount of time constructing and maintaining the Canandaigua display just to bring joy to those who visit. What started as a passion project has turned into a Halloween Destination, that you need to see to believe!

The Canandaigua Haunted House

The house isn’t actually haunted, that I know of, and all the displays are outside of Housel’s Residence. But it has become known locally as the Haunted House in Canandaigua. The Halloween display is made up of 3 different areas; the Skeleton Army in the front side yard, the Cemetary in the backside yard, and the Haunted Corn Maze in the neighboring corn lot, if you visit make sure to check out each area!

The Skeleton Army

The Skeleton Army is 100% visible from the road, but there are walkways to encourage meandering through the massive display of spooky skeletons. This display is perhaps the most intricate one on the property and is actually several vignettes, which include a horse-drawn wagon containing several dogs, a Viking syle boat, horsemen, and dinosaurs. We had fun taking selfies with the skeletons and just taking it all in. It is truly amazing this is all put together by one man!

The Cemetary

In the backside yard, you’ll find the cemetery. The creepy demon skeletons look like they’ve just sat down to a meal, you better hurry by before you are added to the menu! There are a few interactive displays like the one I “locked” my daughter in 😀

The Corn Maze

The corn maze portion of the property features a well-groomed trail that twists and turns through the corn lot. You just never know what will be behind each corner, it could be an exit, a corner that forces you to turn around, or a frightening creature. We went during the day, which is probably the best option for younger kids and those who are easily spooked. Braver visitors will enjoy an evening stroll when the corn maze is lit with eerie purple lights and actors up the anty on the creep factor!

If You Go:

  • The Address for Housel’s Haunted House in Canandaigua is 4017 County Road 4, Canandaigua, NY 14424. This is a private residence turned Halloween spookfest.
  • There is a suggested $5 donation for adults, kids are free. Obviously there is a lot of time, money and effort invested in this Halloween Display, the small donation is totally warranted!
  • Parking is on the side of the road, but getting to the Haunted House was an easy walk.
  • The displays that are visible from the road are open 10-10 pm every day
  • The Haunted Corn maze is open Thursday-Sunday 6:30-10 pm
  • This is the last week you can visit in 2019. They will be open through will be November 3.

For more information about Housel’s Haunted House on County Road 4 visit their Facebook page!

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