Women March in Seneca Falls 2017

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A note from Jen: I typically avoid sharing politically related topics here.  However, I have written many times about Seneca Falls and its rich history. This is a nonpartisan march and organizers are expecting 100s of women to participate. The historical significance of women convening at the birthplace of the woman’s rights movement to create a visible sign of solidarity, to be inspired, and to inspire others to be active in supporting their beliefs is undeniable. 

*Updated 1/18/2017 to include the schedule of events

Women March in Seneca Falls 2017 is an opportunity on January 21 to participate in solidarity with the Women’s March on Washington to demonstrate the strength, power, and courage of women in America. The March begins at 10 am with an outdoor rally at the Women’s Rights National Historical Park, 136 Fall Street, Seneca Falls, New York, site of the first convention for women’s rights held in 1848.

Marchers are asked to convene at First Amendment Declaration Park, between Visitor’s Center & Wesleyan Chapel, and wear white, purple or gold hat/cap, gloves, scarves to highlight colors worn by Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony and activist Suffragists as an instant means of visual recognition of their women’s rights movement.
Historic Seneca Falls is the US Birthplace of Women’s Rights; it was chosen for this local march by central New York organizers as a reminder to EVERY local, state, and national elected and appointed government official that women’s rights activists are carrying on the political traditions of their foremothers. Organizer and event spokesperson, Melina Carnicelli, said, “As a result of the 2016 US election cycle, women are recommitted to be ever vigilant in their political activism. Women, and men, who support the hard-fought gains made over the past 150 years, are watching that rights belonging to women MUST NEVER BE DIMINISHED in our country, only uplifted. We call on all supporters of women’s rights as human rights to walk with us on January 21.”
Marchers will walk the five block route from First Amendment Declaration Park to First Presbyterian Church on Cayuga Street, where Alice Paul in a 1923 speech introduced what has become known as the proposed Equal Rights Amendment. A 2-hour indoor rally at the Church is free and open to all at the end of the march route. The program schedule features speakers and musical performances on political issues of deep concern to activists throughout the United States. “Call to Action” information tables by local civic groups will be located in the annex building adjacent to the Church.

Women March in Seneca Falls2017 is an inclusive march and is free to join.

Event Partners: Friends of WRNHP; Central New York NOW Chapter; Emma Bauso Designs; Auburn Public Theater; Presbyterian Church, Seneca Falls; WomanMade Products; Planned Parenthood Council of Western & Central NY; Lake Drum Brewing; and many individuals who support this cause.

Contact: Melina Carnicelli, Event Spokesperson & Co-organizer
[email protected]
Facebook event pagehttps://www.facebook.com/events/1476514605711383/
General Facebook Page:  https://www.facebook.com/Women-March-in-Seneca-Falls-2017-689489234546231


Information in this post was written & provided by the organizer of Women March in Seneca Falls2017 

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