A walk in the woods

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The weather has been absolutely gorgeous! It has been very mild here. But I really haven’t taken the time to enjoy this unusually mild start to winter, and I should. Winters are long in Upstate New York, and I should be out taking in the fresh air and soaking up whatever Vitamin D nature feels like supplying.

But I haven’t.

Instead, I have been up early every morning. 4:30 am to be precise, trying to squeeze a few extra hours into already long days.  I have taken a couple of freelance jobs, which I love, but the seasonal craziness, and the normal hustle of laundry, preparing meals, kids sporting events, running errands, and tend to a million small tasks that have me running around in a self-inflicted frenzy.

Basically just getting through each day.

It’s a fine balance, this working-from-home stuff. And lately I feel the scales have been tipped, into an unfavorable direction.

Yesterday, while driving home from the mall I decided I was blowing off the rest of the day.

I wasn’t going to attend the webinar that was going to teach me how to manage multiple Facebook pages.

I wasn’t going to wrap gifts.

I wasn’t going to mop the floors.

I unloaded the car, grabbed my camera and headed back outside.

The to-do list could wait.








This. This is what I needed.

I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.”

–Henry David Thoreau

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  1. Happy Friday Jennifer! So glad you took time off for yourself! I bet you came back refreshed. What a great idea to commune with nature. Have a great weekend!