5 Unexpected Ways to Bring Lilac Season into Your Home

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The lilac bush, (Syringa vulgaris,) was designated the official state bush of New York state in 2006, and it is no secret we love our lilacs in Rochester. The lilac is an shrub with showy, aromatic blooms in early spring. Lilacs have a heavenly scent, that is stronger than roses, one lilac bush can fill your yard with the scent of lilacs while it is in bloom. There are over 1,000 varieties of lilacs in several colors including white and pink (the most popular colors are lilac and purple). A lilac bush can live for hundreds of years.

If you don’t have a spot in your yard for a lilac bush, or bringing fresh cut bouquets in the house isn’t an option for you, I’ve found a few unexpected ways you can still enjoy Lilacs in your home!

Lilac Gin From Black Button Distillery

Did you know lilacs are actually edible?? They are, and are sometimes infused in foods and drinks! Made in limited quantities each Spring as an homage to Rochester’s rich floral history, Lilac Gin has sweet aromatic notes of warm weather lilac and lily blooms. A delicate palate of lavender, citrus and a hint of rose gives a gentle floral finish. Rose, Hibiscus, Lavender and Lilac as well as Juniper, Coriander and a myriad of other botanical components make this one of a kind spirit highly sought after.

Highland Lilac Perfume

Not every fragrance is deemed worthy of presentation to the First Lady of the United States, but Highland Lilac of Rochester has received that honor not once, but 5 times. Winner of national and international awards and gold medals, the makers of this lovely perfume have for 35 years captured the delightful fragrance of lilacs in full bloom by harvesting lilacs at their peak and extracting the oils of this beautiful flower while still fresh. 

Mrs. Meyers Lilac Household Cleaners

Spring cleaning has never smelled so good! Enjoy The scent of Lilacs from Mrs. Meyers for a limited time each spring. Mrs. Meyers is my go-to cleaning product whenever I am tackling household chores, generally I use Basil, but there are a few seasonal scents I love and lilac is one of them! I shop for Mrs Meyers at Grove Collaborative. If you are new to Grove, when you place your first order you’ll get a free gift which includes: Mrs. Meyers Spring hand soap Mrs. Meyers Spring dish soap Mrs. Meyers Spring multi-surface spray, Grove bubble-up Grove walnut scrubber sponges *Minimum spend of $20 to receive free gift.

Shop the Mrs. Meyer’s Springl Seasonal Scents Collection and Receive a Free Gift with your First Purchase!

Eartherella Lilac Natural Soy Wax Candle

These 14 oz. candles are hand poured with 100% natural soy wax in Rochester, NY! The Etsy Shop Earthella sells handcrafted, very highly fragranced candles and wax melts. They contain no dyes, and only all natural cotton wicks. Candles do not get any more earth friendly than this! This candle will have your house smelling like lilacs for approximately 90 to 100 hours under optimal burning conditions.

Lilac Flower Botanical Print

I love Botanical prints, and Etsy has become my favorite source for digitally restored prints of vintage paintings! You can find pleny of digital downloads but this shop will actually mail you your print on archival matte paper with archival pigment-based ink. This print of the lilac plant, Syringa vulgaris, is perfect for Spring, but also pretty enough to leave on display year round. This beautiful print has been digitally restored to bring out the original colors, and is available in multiple sizes.

How do you enjoy lilac season?

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