Farm Friday: My Hereford Helper

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Don’t tell the other cows, but I actually have a couple of favorites. Along with our Black Angus Beef Cows we have a few Herefords. Herefords are another breed of cows that are used for meat, but they they don’t have the exceptional meat characteristics of Black Angus. I have mentioned before how the black angus can be a little temperamental, but what the Herford’s lack in marbling in meat , is more than made up for with their easy going personality, they a pleasure to work with.

Our Herefords are getting a little older, pretty soon they will be aged out of the breeding stock, but they have made such an impact on us they are one of the rare occasions an animal becomes exempt from normal farm practices.  See they actually are useful as part of the herd.  Big Red is very friendly, in fact she has crossed the line over into pet status yes we named her, she is naturally inquisitive and will follow you around the pasture, because cows move as a herd, all it takes is one to follow you and pretty soon the rest will tag along, and that is very helpful when switching the herd to a new pasture.


Big Red often tags along with me during my walks around the pasture looking for new calves, she keeps me company. Her presence lets the other more flighty Black Angus relax a little, and not view me as such a threat. I have begged my hubby to get more Herefords, in fact I threatened to build my own herd of Herefords, maybe this summer I will 😉


Some pics from mine and Big Red’s walk this morning

Hereford Cow, Big Red
Big Red
Hereford Cow Big Red
I stopped on the cow trail to snap this pic, and Big Red just stood there and waited to see where we were going next 


A group of cows hanging in some shade watched big Red and I walk by
A group of cows hanging in some shade watched big Red and I walk by


Big Red is not the only one with muddy feet after our walk. Livestock cane and muddy shoes.

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