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Vacation in Branchport, NY

I did it. We actually got away on a vacation this summer. After all the calves have been born, and first cutting of hay was tucked away into the barns, but before corn picking and weekend farmers markets. We dug the boat out of a barn, packed an impossible amount of stuff and kids into …

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Thai Cucumber salad- Home in the Finger Lakes

Thai Cucumber Salad

I am going to be honest with you, I love cucumbers, but really could not care less about pickles. Somewhere between cucumber and pickle the whole thing just takes a wrong turn for me.  What was once crunchy, juicy and fresh ends up suspended in a fluid like a science experiment;  lifeless, salty and lacking …

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Frozen Fruit Cups

I have learned something about myself this summer: I don’t do the summer months well. I am not sure if it has to do with age, as I am creeping up to the halfway point of my 30’s, or if this summer has just been extra unbearable, but I do not I am not gracefully …

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Strawberry Trifle

It seems odd starting a story about a recipe in the dentists office, but the that is exactly where my Strawberry Trifle recipe came from.  Last week I had to make a trip to my dentist’s office for a cracked filling that was bothering me. When I checked in the hygienists and receptionists where all …

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