The calm before the storm: Calving Season 2014

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I normally do Wordless Wednesday posts on Wednesday. But spring happened, and all normal went out the window.

With spring came:

  • Calving Season
  • Recreational Youth Softball
  • Recreational Youth Baseball
  • Planting

Seeing that stuff  listed all right there in black and white does not seem all that bad, but things are pretty chaotic and I am having a hard time adjusting to our new normal.

Luckily, My husband and I have refined the art of divide and conquer. We have a system that helps get us through spring.

I have softball and calf/cow checks.

He has baseball and planting.

Life is more manageable that way, but still hectic.

I am spending a lot of time during the day walking fences, checking the back ends of cows and monitoring the herd.
Calving Season 2014

This pic was taken yesterday. The girls were all just chillin, enjoying the breeze and shade. It was peaceful and everyone was happy and relaxed. No calves yet, but one cow is close, very close.

I even lingered a little longer in the back lot with them.

We all know what is coming, it was nice to take a deep breath and enjoy a calm moment with them before the crazy train hits town full force.

I will keep you posted on calving season, but I also have some yummy new recipes using fresh local ingredients coming up that you are not going to want to miss!








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