Farm Friday- After the Rain

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It has been raining here, a lot! I would complain about it, but it seems wrong after the massive lack of rain we had last year.

I took a walk after the rain ended. It was foggy, smelled like worms and made me realize exactly how much weeding I have ahead of me.
Rain Boots - After the Rain

 Some wives get flowers, farmers wives get new rubber boots. They have come in handy, and the dots are cute 🙂

Fog after the rain- Home in the Finger Lakes

The  foggy wheat field after the rain. I have to say of all the crops here on the farm, none can compete with the site of a wheat field. There is just something so pretty about a wheat field.

Wheat after the rain - Home in the Finger Lakes

Even close up I love wheat.

Flooded field after the rain- Home in the Finger Lakes
A flooded wooded lot.

We have water; standing water, flooded creeks, flooded lots, you name it we got it.

Higher Ground

Some are looking for higher ground, although I am not sure why her pasture is well drained. The kids think she is just liking being queen of the dirt pile 🙂

Wet Dog

The beagle in little dog does not love water, but that does not seem to be slowing her down any.

Peonies after the rain-Home in the Finger Lakes

My peonies never had a chance.



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