Casual Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape

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Last week while I was perusing Goodwill, I ran across a small collection of Vintage Enamelware pots and pans, and a small stack of plates (that were actually in a really bad condition). I quickly grabbed up the pots and pans, leaving the plates behind, and hurried to the check out, anxious to get home and start decorating with my new vintage finds.

Red rimmed enamelware has been on my “thrift store wish list” for a while. I’ve never had intentions to begin seriously collecting Vintage Enamelware, but the same part of me that has a soft spot for grandmas china, aprons, and pyrex has definitely felt the draw to the old kitchenware.

Before Thanksgiving, I ordered a new tablecloth, runner, and napkins , but because my whole house was sick with the flu we actually had to cancel Thanksgiving dinner at my house,  and my new linens have sat unopened in my pie safe, just waiting to be used. I had been thinking about using them for Christmas but wasn’t sure how to make them look more “Christmas-y”. The Enamelware stock pot with its bright primary red rim, made me wonder if maybe I could make my blue and beige table linens more festive if I accent the table with splashes of bright red.

Initially, in Goodwill, I really wanted to put a  very small tabletop Christmas tree in the stock pot and decorate it with red ornaments, but when my hubby came home from work that day he surprised me with a pretty poinsettia that fit the stock pot almost perfectly, so I decided to use that as my centerpiece, and I am  so glad it worked out this way, it really brought the red.

One either side of my enamelware stock pot I added a couple of evergreen stems I cut off some trees in our add, and some fake berry sprays, also from the Dollar Tree,  for even more red. The cracked votive holders are another Dollar Tree find, there are actual deep cracks in these candle holders that make me nervous about putting a real flame in there so I went the battery operated flameless route for my candles.

Some artificial Dollar Tree poinsettias I had laying around were the perfect accent to the plates to bring in another pop of red. I used wire cutters to cut the flowers off the stems, so I could prop them up a little, but I think popping the flowers right off the wires and laying them flat on the plate would also be pretty.

And these banded bistro plates are my favorites right now! They are so inexpensive – I ordered 3 sets from Walmart,  they are only $9.97 for a set of 4, so I had a service for 12 for around $30! They are definitely great everyday plates,  but I think they can easily be dressed up too. While I was at Walmart I checked the kitchenware department for red chargers, which they didn’t have. So I went with these jute placemats, which did also come in red, but the shade of red was not quite right for this.

This tablescape was my practice run for our Christmas morning brunch table. For the past few years, we have a full breakfast Christmas morning with the grandparents and my brother and his wife before we open the gifts.  I really enjoy having breakfast/brunch first, I am sure if you ask my kids they will disagree, but for my husband and myself, it has become one of our favorite traditions.

Our breakfast brunch is very casual, I set foods and snacks out on the kitchen counter that separates our kitchen and dining room buffet style, but I still like to dress up the table a bit. I will probably iron the linens before the big day, but otherwise, I am liking our Casual Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape.

So, that’s my Casual Farmhouse Christmas Tablescape this year, it was inexpensive to put together, and all of the pieces can be used throughout the year. I am glad I was finally able to use my French strip linens, and I can not wait for Christmas morning!

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